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January 2011

Champagne Fairies
Elf in a library
Witch spell
Art Trade with Rotem
Margrat Garlick
Evil Generation
Neko Machi fan comic (see the webcomic HERE
Winter Melody fan art(see the webcomic HERE

February 2011

Aurlina & Chip
Benjamin Christopher (me as a boy)
Catch & Phoenix
Aslan & Princess Celestia
Too tight!
Derpy doesn't get it
Chinese New Year 2011

March 2010

Marilyn Monroe
Genie mishaps
Neptunian Mechanic (Futurama-inspired)
My Little Sleipnir
Skater Commission

April 2011

Transofrmation complete
Krishna & Ganesh
Silly sketch
getting ready to go to a nightclub
Happy Birthday Rowan
Pimp my Blaz Blue ladiez

May 2011

Silver Girl
Gold & Silver
Drider Waffle Chef (looong story)
Harry vs Travis
Jasmine Kitty

June 2011

Happy Birthday Icey
4 Elven sisters
Songbird adopted a new pet
Walking Dead meets Evil Dead
BunnyBoi & Lucky (my pet society pets)
Not enough planet left - an inspiration dear to my heart

July 2011

Billie & Theodora
Dark sun characters
Drow guy
Kitty & Racoony (old drawing)
Dwarf Kitty (old drawing)
Knight Catboy (old drawing)
Suechan's Polearm (old drawing)

Gyr Windspeaker
Songbird's new pet
Tiger girl
Look out, Flint...

August 2011

Peggy, my new MechWarrior character
Ol' Blue (Peggy's mech)
Erin the were-leopard
Erin's scars
At the Hyena Cabana
New at being a woman
I love my husband

September 2011

Caroline - Nat will always love you!
postcard project: Dragonslayer Mommy
postcard project: Nerd Love
postcard project: Soap
postcard project: Super Toot

October 2011

KiKi Lime (custom Strawberry Shortcake caracter)
WaterMelonie (custom Strawberry Shortcake caracter)
BanAnna and her brother Coconut (custom Strawberry Shortcake caracters)
Cranny and Pom (custom Strawberry Shortcake caracters)
If I were on Scaretactics
Perfect fit
Fun in the Sun Darcy
Erin @ Halloween
Genie antics
John @ Halloween

November 2011

FAN ART for the Sci-Fi Janitors, Bob & Carl - Many of these are based on their videos - watch them!
Janiteer avatar pic
somethin'Bon Jovi
Yaoi Panel
when cosplay goes bad
Happy Sci-Fi Thanksgiving
Sinestro, you hiring?
Sailor Goon

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