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All original X-characters are (c) their respective owners. (Despoiler is (c) Me!) Please don't be offended about me drawing fan art, but please don't steal it for public use either or claim that it's yours...

Suechan's Evo Fan Art


Kurt button design
Kurt & Rogue
Kurt & Amanda
Kitty, Kurt & Rogue
Professor X Yearbook pic

Brotherhood & Acolytes

The Brotherhood (Todd, Lance, Pietro & Freddy)
Todd getting the snot beaten out of him by Duncan
Toad dressed all gothic
Mistique and her other form as Risty
Rogue and Gambit
Sabertooth has an embarrassing moment
Colossus - the official Bling Bling guy

Odd (yet fun!) Pairings

(Mind you, these can get really gay!)

Wanda & Rogue
Wanda & Rogue Playing videogames
Mistique kissing Storm
Kitty gives Jean a wake-up kiss
Tabitha caught with the Rogue
Tabitha kissing the Shadowcat
Angel & Calysto
Warren Worthington & Danielle Moonshae
Wolverine & Nick Fury

X - Characters in Other settings

Men in Black
Edward Scissorhands
Sailor Rogue
Sailor Wanda
Wanda & Rogue in Kimonos
Rogue, Jean & Storm as Genies
Mystique Trek
Boom Boom in Marching Band
Jean as Joan of Arc
The Brotherhood of Never Never Land
Scarlet Salem
Planet of the Apes

Group Shots & Misc.

At the Movies
Role-Playing Geeks
Mystique' Suprise - her kids came for Christmas!
Principal Kelly & Duncan Matthews Ooh lala!
Jamie(Multiple)Madrox - Happy Halloween
Jamie(Multiple)Madrox - Scary Halloween
Mystique the Playboy Bunny

Original X-Characters

Loki & Kaia
Dark Magician
Dark Magician with Rogue & Risty
Dark Magician, Despoler, & Dreamcatcher

Kurt + Todd

And my unhealthy obsession with these two boys:

Flexible Appendages
Surprise! drawn from the Dangermouse42 Story "Date Night"
Todd's Angst drawn from Melorocco's story "Sleep of the Innocents"
UpsideDown Kiss

Here are some links to prove I'm not the only one with this obsession:
Kurt & Todd complete slash archives
Kurt & Todd Deviant Art club
Kurt & Todd Slashy Livejournal
And just for some more slash value, my other favorite boy-couple, Static & Gear.
It's a small following right now, but they're just cuties ^_^


***NEW August 2006*** Shape Shifter Online It's so new, it's not even done yet!

X-men Evo Fan Art

This is a favorite site of mine. A must see!

Where would the Evo Internet Fan base be without these screenshots?
As a fangirl myself, I must give mad props to Haruka! Thank you!

FOXGLOVE and IDGIEBAY are my favorite Fan-art-artists!

Witch Vs Bitch

A funky backwards site dedicated mostly to Jean Grey. I have art in their latest contest! WOO HOO!

Brotherly Love

A Tribute to the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants! Rockin' site!

  • Toad Damage
    Here's a site dedicated to one of my fav Evo characters - TOAD! He's so pathetic he's cute!
    Disgusting Behavior - another site to Toad

    Episode List and reviews through season 4
  • Morlocks - the mutants who live in the sewers. They weren't blessed with the good looks of Xaviers kids - their mutations took on some physical attributes as well. That doesn't stop them from being cool! Go meet them!

    I know it's not X-men, nor is it Marvel, but I just love Beastboy and you should too.
    Give love to the green teen!

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