Suechan's Art from
August 2003 - August 2004

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All Commissions are posted with direct permission of those who requested them
All characters (c) their respective owners. Please do not steal ANYBODY's art!

August, 2004

Popples: Why doesn't anyone make them their own personal "furries"?
My Little Pony modelled after Odin's 8-legged steed, Sleipnir
ShaunaMau and her Steviedollie
Clover - Jen Murphy's Teen Titan's Character
Wraith - Kevin's Kingdom Heart's Character
Black Diamond Mercenaries
Lee the Knife Back, fangirls, BACK!
Celtic/Gothic: Liban & Gwyddeon
Armor inspired by a suit I saw at the Ren Faire

July, 2004

Raquel the albino, modelling my dream dress
Raquel again, but this time, playing out Little Red Riding Hood
Dances With Fireflies - Drawn by me and colored by my "little sister" Chel-chan!
Bunny as a hooters girl
Sandra the half-dragon (in a princess Leia bikini!)
Tennis - was going to be in my calendar, but I decided against it.
Pirate Suechan again
X-girls Dark Magician (Jenny Murphy's brotherhood character), Despoiler (that's me), and Kakari / Dramcatcher (Chelsey's character) all sharing a girls night out...or something.
Mendhi Design on a traced copy of my hand.
Demona - Her Ancient Egyptian self and modern day self together.
It's over - see? the Fat Lady is singing! Dirge thinks she's just perfect... *sigh*
TFOS goes Hogwarts - Sam Hain (Gryffindor), Bunny Theory (Hufflepuff) and Lillith Archangel (Slitherin)

June, 2004

No Commissions this month - this is all from my own warped little mind

Shapeshifter Tango! Mystique (Raven Darkholme) and Beastboy (Garfield M. Logan). I know one is DC and one is Marvel, but I don't care! I was having too much fun withOUT my skin tone markers.
My Evil Bunny was turned into a prototype Action Figure! Now that just rocks. ^_^
Magic, magic, do as you will!
Deer-taur - I love that centaurness!
Profile sketch - just practice, but it came out nice I think.
Another sketch - going for the multicultural thing.
Little Angel - an NPC for the latest RPG. She's gold.
My hero...ine?
Map of the latest RPG game I'm in - Wyrm World
Luke Topotranello, my were-rat skater boy, done in a bishie anime style
Cute fuzzy bunnies and their predator boyfriends...awwwww...
*snicker* I couldn't help it. I love the color blue!

May, 2004

Centaur Paramedic
OH! - So THAT's where centaurs come from!
Tery and Amber sittin' in a tree...
Jean Grey D'Arc
Jordan and Delilah in their new Vanilla costumes
Vranphile and Jordan again, striking a pose for fashion
Cosplay - Suechan & Jenny in FFX2
Tove gets a makeover for for the coming game of Wyrm World
Dr. Ichicgo Moofle (you had to be there)
Nuitari - for those who know Dragonlance, here's the God of the black moon...with an evil pear
Talair ...OOH swords!
CUTE and strangely, a real anime character!

April, 2004

Trajan & the Bunnies Band!
Ranjana, the tigress
Graduation Invitation
Bunny and her newly designed cousin
Yoga Bear - No, not the famous Yogi. This is the new mascot for Andrea's Yoga Website.
3 Cyber Punk Characters for Heather

March, 2004

Trajan, the Bishie Doberman
Trajan wants some more coffee, please!
Shutaro, the Bishie Kitsune
Rael, the Bishie Bunny Boy (Out of the pink fluff)
Alaria characters for an update of Chris's story
Jenny Murphy's Birthday Party! and even Suechan's invited! WOO HOO!
Commission from the Underdark - can you spot the 3 characters that AREN'T drow?
Finn Fish, from an anime called Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne
Kitty Pryde & Jean Grey *GIRLIE KISS*
Vranphile & Delilah as Gangstahs
Marie Antoinette & Dirge

February, 2004

Surprise Rescue
Pirate Suechan and her bag of shineys
Ghost Camp - cover for a story written by Eric B. in 4th grade
Big Girls Don't Cry - they just ask for hugs!
Chibi YuGiOh characters
Sailor Scouts after they turned EVIL
Sailor Mars and her crows
Justice Furries - because costumes are too much fun ^_^
RPG run by Rob in Wales
Just because every wraith needs a whip and platform shoes...
Chris from VANILLA looking WAY HOT!
Lindsay & Tiffany get a succubus make-over
Delilah has gone bonkers... she'll be rooming with KittyH from now on ^_~
Andy & Fluffy - here's a comic composed of the 8 commissions I drew for Andy fox

January, 2004

Dark Magician is Jenny Murphy's X-men character
Captain Rowan and her crew of scallywags and misfits (Suechan is reaching for the pretty birdie! Really!)
Hiei and Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho
Fay Fox the rocking Carousel Fox!
Celtic Barbarian - commission for an RPG
The kiss that broke out in the middle of the fight
Half-Efreetie character design
Ta-DAA - Rael presents her skunk friend for display
I was commissioned to draw another invitation for my company. Here's the other I made for them just last year.

December, 2003

Twin Princes
Mek had a little trouble wrapping gifts this year...
Dark Crystal fan art - of a Skeskis and a Mystic
Gray Tarrenson has a fatherly moment after a hard day on the battlefield
Drow lady wearing some spiffy armor
Furry RPG group
Come Hither
The Despoiler - my own personal X-men character (LONG story)
Goblin Bard Girl
Counter Strike
Kitty is fun to draw when she's phasing!
Genies we all want to see!

November, 2003

The Demon behind the image - Mek is so...wow!
Bunny being sexy in a Brittany Spears inspired suit
Bunny as a Can-Can girl
Autumn Winters is the one with the Red Hair
Demona - Jen's personal X-men character and her favorite Duel Monster
Demona again, but now with her favorite Duelist, Yami Bakura! >_<
Sailor Scouts Pluto and Saturn (with the astrological symbols for each)
Parrot Boy - my chibi version of Washu's "Tropicale" (hey, she inspired me!)
Rogue and Gambit - commission for Sarah
Saphhire the Dragon from the Chronicles of Alaria
Sapphire Cake! - cooked up from my drawing! Credit's go to Chris's mom who ROCKS my SOCKS!
Poor poor Toddles - this was a big fat fun art trade with Foxglove
Trigun goes Vanilla
Utena also drawn with Vanilla characters
Rapunzel acted out with X-men Evolution characters....Poor Jean!

October, 2003

Loki & Kaia - More original X-men characters
Two sides of Yaala - original character by Masque
Rowan Mouse and Linking Friends - for Rowan Bristol
Marche and Rose - On-line RPG characters for Matt
Christmas Kittygirl art trade with Washu-chan ^_^
Birthday Commission - 9 pictures! Happy Birthday, Alex!
Front and Inside of Charlie's 2003 Christmas Card featuring his grandson Nicholas
Hawk Girl & Warren Worthington - I wonder why there isn't more fan art of these winged heroes?
She kicks but and he's a hottie....and besides....they have WINGS! ^_^

September, 2003

Inuyasha Group Picture
Rogue and Wanda in Kimonos (X-men Evolution)
Captain Dayna from Cronicles of Alaria.
Gear Slayer Website Logo
Jennifer the Skunk Maid
Mekania drunk on rum ^_^
Ping and Miho from Megatokyo
Ryn and Elaine - on-line friends
Illustrations for "Squire's Tale" - Story by Rowan Bristol Attached
Ravenshe - a character art trade with Washu-chan
Jaden - Personal X-men character
My first attempt at a Gryphon who's REALLY tired ^_^
Gothberry Shortcake - yeah, I know I have issues. I love this pic so much though!
Dancing Red Squirrel - my Indian name from Kindergarten.
If you look at the bottom, you can see the 4 red paw prints that are her symbol!

August, 2003

Zack, from Final Fantasy 7
Vampire Character
RPG Characters
Evil cow!
Furry Kitsune Character
Kitsune again - but as a plushie!
Group of on-line Friends
Cowboy and Detective
A guy with no arms vs. a guy with no legs - ???
Characters from Fushigi Yuugi *SHOUNEN AI!*
Two cuddly guys *SHOUNEN AI!*
Angel - art trade with Arashi
X Girls - art trade with Jen (including her RP character)
RPG Characters having a romantic moment
Little Batman getting a bath by the Wayne family Butler,
Alfred Pennyworth (probably before his parents were killed)
Kurt Wagner! (button design for next Otakon)
Egypt Campaign Characters

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