Art Prices

Suechan's Art Commission Prices & Guidelines

If you've seen my artwork and are interested in commissioning me, here is a list of what you need to know and what I'll need to know from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about commissioning you?
How much does it cost, how long does it take, and how do I pay you?
What should I expect from you?
Do you draw nudity?
Do you accept art trades?

Q:How do I go about commissioning you?

--A: First thing: KNOW WHAT YOU WANT! If you do not have a specific picture in mind, you will be off the list. No exceptions. If you have an idea but don't know how to describe all details, we can work with that. In that case, be sure to see if I have a free space on my
Commission List. If there are, please Email me(my address is with a brief overview of what you had in mind. IF I ACCEPT, please send a detailed description of what you want me to draw.
Pictures will be posted on my website updates unless you ask specifically for them not to be.

Please include for characters:
Race (human, elven, furry, alien, etc. etc.)
Gender (or apparent gender)
Hair color
Hair length/style
Eye color(s)
Skin/fur Color(s)
Clothing/armor description
Pose ideas
Expressions to show their mood or personality
Any props (such as weapons, items, jewelry, pets, etc.)
Special Features (glasses, facial hair, pointy ears, etc.)

For Anthros/Furries/Misc Races:
  • Muzzle or nose?
  • Straight legs or Digigraded legs?
  • Fingers, claws or paws?
  • Horns, wings, fangs, tail?
  • Fur, Scales, Feathers?
Race : Catgirl
Gender (or apparent gender): Female
Hair color: Red
Hair length/style: Long, straight, loose, a little wild/scruffy
Eye color(s): Blue
Skin Color: Caucasian/pale
Clothing/armor description: Hawaiian over shirt, tank top underneath, blue jeans, a collar with a bell and either sneakers or sandals
Pose ideas: Something cutesy or silly, facing the viewer (maybe giving the peace sign?)
Expressions to show their mood or personality: A big smile - Perky, Goofy, maybe even on a sugar rush
Any props : Perhaps a notepad and markers or an art pallette
Special Features : Tan/brown triangle stripes all over the body, cat tail, cat ears
  • Muzzle or nose? Nose (either human nose or a little kitty triangle nose)
  • Straight legs or Digigraded legs? Straight (plantigrade)
  • Fingers, claws or paws? Fingers
  • Horns, wings, fangs, tail? Tail & cat ears on top (not the sides), maybe a cute anime fang
  • Fur, Scales, Feathers? Fur, kinda - mostly just like skin

  • This is to show that I prefer the description in LIST form.
    Paragraphs can confuse me, especially when they use big words
    or lavish descriptions. This way, I have a checklist of what you want
    while I'm still working on the sketch. This way,
    I can make sure I have everything in order at a glance. (so please be sure to leave in the "title" for each description too - like "skin color" or "eye color" so that I know what is being described as "blue"...savvy?
    I want to get it right the first time! ^_^
    *JUST BECAUSE you are allowed to include up to 3 characters does not mean you HAVE TO. Some pictures look better with fewer people crammed into them (and the fewer people there, the more detail each one can have and vice versa). Getting your money's worth is not always about quantity.

    *PLEASE* do not ask for more than ONE picture at a time. And once you've had one, back off for a while and let others have a turn please.

    *PLEASE* do not pressure me to draw something I've already said no to. Art is about creative expression. If your ideas do not inspire my creativity, it's just not going to happen. The more you pester me, the more likely I am to block your email as spam.

    Q:How much does it cost, how long does it take, and how do I pay you?

    --A: Commissions are between 4-6 weeks for me to complete. I try to have them finished within the month or even within a week, but since life has a bad habit of getting in the way, please consider a month's time when asking for a timely art piece, such as a birthday present commission.
    Please pay me when it is complete and you receive the scan in your email (or as soon as you can after that), but not before. There have been those rare occasions I have to stop work on a piece due to a real-life situation (for example art burnout, technical trouble, personal injuries and illnesses). I'd rather not be paid than have to refund you.

    A list of my prices that I charge for different types of work:

    Pencil Drawings: $5.00 (includes up to 3 characters per page - $2.00 per extra character)

    Inked Drawings: $10.00 (includes up to 3 characters per page - $3.00 per extra character)
    ---Full page comic: more comics

    Color Drawings (Markers): $20.00 (includes up to 3 characters per page- $5.00 per extra character)
    Payment: I accept cash, personal checks/money orders and
    PayPal, where you can use your handy-dandy credit card!
    ...And please remember, that the Post Office warns against sending cash in the mail. If for any reason it gets lost, you have no proof of sending it in the first place. Personal checks, Money orders and Certified checks are easier to track or cancel if stolen...
    And PLEASE let me know if you can't pay for something and why. I'm an understanding person and I know that emergencies can happen, but if you never get back to me after 2-3 weeks of trying to contact you, I will assume you're a deadbeat and will slander your name across the internet.

    Q:What should I expect from you?

    --A: Once the picture is complete (which can take about a month sometimes), I will send you an emailed scan and if you are willing to give me a PO box or street address, I will send you the original hard copy via US postal service (and yes, I do send overseas as well). I usually post all drawings in my gallery updates unless you wish the picture to remain private. Please tell me so ahead of time so I know to not post it. I can not promise perfection in the picture, but I will give it my best.

    Q:Do you draw nudity?

    --A: No. Bikinis are OK and characters completely covered in fur is OK, "naked" robots are OK, but no naugty bits will be showing.

    Q: Do you accept art trades or free requests?

    --A: No. I have a lot of reasons why, but the short answer is no.

  • Any other questions? Ready to commission me?
    Please feel free to

    email me! at

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