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Dragon Con was so amazing and packed with awesome, that rather than just dump photos at random and clog your load times, I've categorized them! I took over 160 photos and still had SOOO many more I wanted!! if anyone has a photo of me as Jessica Rabbit, could you email it to me? ( ^_^

Comic Book Themed Costumes
Cartoon Themed Costumes
Movie Characters
Steampunk & Goth
Groups & Misc.

Outside Links Everyone will enjoy!

Sassafŗass Goes To DragonCon 2009 (Part 1 of 3)
by FAR the BEST coverage of the entire Dragon Con Parade (watch all 3 parts)

DragonCon TV

Covering the Panels, Bumpers, Fake commercials etc. that make this con the AWESOME!

Every GI Joe Comic EVER - not just a list, but full page scans!

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