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May 2009

Cavalier and Acrobat
Thief and Ranger
Arc and LingLing
Orion captain
Playing cards
Pimpin' aint' easy
hello? Me?
More than she bargained for
Hellfire Queens
Tattoo Design
Overdrive: Working too hard Album Cover
Martin and Gertruda
Poor Phorm...
Yuanti character

June 2009

Arala & Mallo
The Sue Generation
Thief gone bad
Samurai & Geisha
Happy Birthday Larry Hama!

July 2009

biker chick
Hypnotia (old Iron Man cartoon villainess)
singing you to eternal sleep
Goooo Federation!
KittenGirl Cosplaying
Evil Lyn
Big Shot
Saffira (if anyone wants to use this to color)
Nose Art
Sissy Furry Fun
Good Bunny/Bad Bunny
Under da sea
More Harem coloring fun!

August 2009

Aurlina art trade
Tigra with WAY more appendages
Baby... cookie... monster = <3
Final Fantasy cosplay
Rahne & Jubilee
Fufu Frilly Sissy Furrybois
Ash & Rumisiel from Misfile

September 2009

Sailor Hypnotia
Wondertwins Power - Activate!
Aragan is a stud
Diamond & Osterhaase
Pet Society friends
Princess of Powerless (currently working on coloring this)
Gotham Gender Bender
Taff'ka of the Wayfarer's guild
Hypnotia + reflective surfaces = funny :P
My attempt at Steampunk fashion
More Pet Society friends

October 2009

My art turned TATTOO!!! - Here's the original
Unicorn-Taur Superheroine
Furry Romance
Trick or Tery
Peanuts... grown up
Pet society Oktoberfest
Red Sonja as a Centaur
Latex Catsuit
Goth Otter chick
The Baroness... with some modifications

November/December 2009

The Chippettes and books I'd imagine they'd read
Kurumi & Neko from Ewen's comic http://www.neko-machi.com/
Orion Slave girl with 4 arms
RCA Puppers
Fennec Fox Cheerleader
Rose, Melanie & Kurumi

January 2010

Gi Joe & Cobra Cheerleaders
Dubmarine Contest entry - it won first place!! Go Read Dubmarine (c) Vic Fieger
Dubmarine Fan Art
More Dubmarine fan art
Kitty in a snowglobe
Chinchilla Girl
Shadow puppetry
Dr Mario - line art
Dr Mario - in color

February 2010

My milkshakes bring all the cows to the yard...
Pet Society in a Tube
Polynegra Coloring Fun
More for coloring
Strawberry Shortcake Vintage
Ned & Tery (c) Rowan Bristol
Magic Mirror Trap
The scrying pool

March 2010

Chrome Fairy
Happy Valentines Gift
Polynegra Chibi
Contest Entry for the DA Genie Club Mascot.
Original Genie (C) Sandman (who commissioned this)
More Polynegra coloring
Sitting on... nothing
Hypnotia is fun to draw
Yup. she sure is fun to draw
Centaurs... that were Xmen... and are now lesbians...

April 2010

Kurt suddenly feels normal
3 different RP Characters
Madame Selena
Thomas & Tavis (sketch)
Thomas & Tavis (inked)

May 2010

Thomas & Tavis (inked)
comic-ish thing
1 cat boy, 3 flavors
Sphynx *topless*
Lina Inverse
Dude with Pockets

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