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Suechan's voice can relax you too!
Susan Mewhiney: 16 Minute Relaxation

16 minutes for only $2.00 (pay once, listen often!)

(CLICK HERE for a similar but much shorter MP3 sample and HERE for a little longer one) - for those of you looking to get in to a trance or get sleepy to my voice!

Hypno Site!

Here is the ADULT site of Suechan dedicated to her Hypnosis/Mind Control artwork. If naughty things offend you, like girls kissing other girls, mind control and even a bit of partial nudity, please visit my CLEAN site. Another warning for those of you looking for hardcore pornography - you won't find any here. I simply won't draw it. Typically hypno-fans are into the suggestive stuff anyway, so I'm not worried about losing my fans. Speaking of which...I love you guys! ^_^

"Drugs are for Losers...
...and Hypnosis is for losers with big weird eyebrows!"

- Fry from Futurama Episode #43

Hypnotoad icon made by Tora Chan

Be sure to keep checking in the updates section for anything new.

If you do have a request or want to ask me something, feel free to email me at

Or, you could COMMISSION me to do one especially for you
(they make great Christmas gifts for your Master/Mistress)

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