Sue & Kevin's wedding photos

October 2, 2004
Hammond Castle, Gloucester, MA

These photos are even LESS professional!

That's probably why I love them so much!
"The Blair Witch Wedding"
Inspired by Table 9

Whatchyoutalkin'bout, Willis?


"I'm so scared..."

GAH! It's the Blair Witch Carrot Cake!

Pachomp! Pachooey chooey CHOMP!

Could this be the Blair...jester??
No! It's my cousin JoAnn!

"Actually, I can cut my own meat, Uncle Jimmy..."

Bill and his son Matthew. Yeah, this is the kid
who was stealing all the cameras!

Girlie Fight!!!

I know that most of the photos had a little circle blur in them, so that was the camera, but this is different!
I have a feeling that this one has a Spirit Orb!
Could it be lens flare or Mr. Hammond? Perhaps a deceased relative coming for the wedding?
Either way, it's spooky that Elisabeth is looking RIGHT at it!


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