New York Comic Con 2009

Photos of the Weekend (Feb 6-8)
This site may take a long time to load, but it's all the pictures I managed to get - I was trying to learn my new camera and ended up losing a few photos too T_T. There were SO MANY MORE I wanted! It was sooooo much fun!

New York Comic Con 2008

Photos of the Day (April 19)
Kevin got to shake Stan Lee's hand !

Batman characters

GI Joes

Snake Eyes, Tunnel Rat, Beach Head, Bazooka and in the back, Shipwreck

Star Wars

G14 Video on Comic Con
Posted on April 23, 2008
(Snake Eyes is about 1:00 in!... that's MY Snakeyes!)

Dreadknock Video Posted on YouTube
(photo of us with him is at about 1:50)
Yo Joe! ....and Mr. T!


And for Alejandro K Brown, we present Static Shock doing the Bitchass Dance

Click the photo!

T.A.P.S. Panel
Introduced by Josh Gaines & "starring" Jason and Grant from Ghost Hunters

Comic Con Website
Suechan's Home Page
The University Network (More interviews to come...)
Zatanna gave me her business card and link