Polynegra Commissioned Art
Polynegra Project

These are works of art I've commissioned of my original character Polynegra. This page is an ongoing project, as I hope to commission even more artists over time!!

Click the pictures to view the full sized versions

by Suichi by Trish
by Vic F. by Aoi
by Sebastian by Liz S.
by Trishbot by Kitty H
by Chel-chan by Amazon Sage Blossom
by Telly
(commissioned by Varcel! Thank you!)
by Oni-Chu
by Rotem
by Sherry Leak
(commissioned by Varcel! Thank you!)
by Masey by Bokuman
(commissioned by Varcel! Thank you!)
by Chris Neeld
by Peter Vinton Jr.
by Amy Fletcher
, by Scott Wauchope
by Antonia Pinnola/AceroTiburon
by Tiana (Mistrel-Fox)
by Emmanuelle McGowan
by Revanche7th
Coming Soon from Juli
Custom Painted figurine!
by Michael in Haverhill,MA
(more of his works found HERE)
Linework by Me - Coloring by ...
Works by Me!!!