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September 2004 - September 2005

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July, August, September, 2005

Most of these are RPG related and simple sketches

Yellow Book - the girls I see every day
Jonathon of Star Command
I really FLIP for breakfast!
Dwarven Barbarian with a femur axe
Luke & Dorian have slashy issues
More slashyness
Suechan's RPG game: Wyrm World (Kevin's RPG game):

June, 2005

RPG characters from an Online game
Mekania Mashin bent on Destruction
Vanilla characters all chibi!
Maxwell and Minerva Dragon designs by Alaster
Goth Fairy
Melanie the cute redhead fairy who belongs to Suichi
Craig Bayfield who's such a sweetie ^_^
Themascara habits are hard to break (This one's for the boys...)
Sexy Vampiress caricature of the Diamond Diva Princess

May, 2005

My RPG Players in the game I'm DMing!
(Lia, Lucian, Mordoc, Coleson and Slavakian, plus Khat the wolf and the poison frog)
Sailor Bunny
Despoiler dreams of what powers she'd rather have
Totally Centaurs
Centaur DDR - Too easy!
Work - my (very exaggerated) work life when I'm not doing art
Beer Dwarf Guy (D&D NPC)
Artemis (both my friend and the Greek Goddess all in one!)

And here are some new icons for my home page:
Happy Angry
Sad Bored
Geeky Rennaisance
Artsy Vacation

April, 2005

Futurama Art Trade with Iseult who I met through Elfwood! (Visit her gallery)
Darcy the Dark (Designed by Alaster - same story arc as Evan and Sarah)
Pet Shop of Horrors - Count D & Leon get close
Suechan's Voice Demo CD Cover
Tad's Birthday picture
Quinny & Connie all dolled up
Futurama as D&D characters!
  • Amy - Rogue
  • Kiff - Bard
  • Prof. Farnsworth - Wizard
  • Bender - Knight
  • Fry - Fighter
  • Leela (& Nibbler) - Barbarian
  • Hermes - Cleric
  • Dr. Zoidberg - Mindflayer

March, 2005

Hoof and horn (Beastboy goes Pagan)
Suechan boogying down! DDR style!
Ophelia is one SEXY dark elf!
Suechan has lost it
Custom Sailor Scouts
Scott's Sweater Models
Luke the Ratboy
Teen Titan Girls Night In!

February, 2005

Star Trek Girls
Chantilly the bunnygirl
Chaos Gypsies
Sarah the dragon girl designed by Alaster
Evan the dragon guy designed by Alaster
Mikomi the catgirl
Innuit Lynx Girl
Chelsey & Kyle
Yin Yang with a scent of Vanilla
Voice Actors from the comic Dubmarine!
Mai Valentine ...since it's February!

January, 2005

Happy New Year! Let loose the commissions!!!

Flirting advertisement for Scott's Sweaters
Soul Reaver - I played with Melissa's character a little
Ivy the gothic kitty girl
Halfling Rogue
Michelle & Vranphile from Vanilla
Meghan & Rommy "Don't go in the dungeo...basement!"
Mekania doesnt' mind the coal in her stocking... or the brimstone for that matter
Mayhem Radio: Pete, Whispers & Doc
Josephine the exotic plant Dryad
Leiko is a Duel Master and a true goth girl
Mitsu Suenakii the BLUE duel master
Snob Lady in a smokey fur coat
Bruce & Alfred - an illustration from All of Me by Shan

December, 2004

The holiday season kinda drained me.... not much to see for now. January should pick up...

Ranjana casting Magic Missile
Talair swooning over Berreck
Berreck the Half-Dragon Hottie
Idalla the NPC we haven't met yet
Jarlaxle really rough sketch

November, 2004

Back from the Honeymoon and straight onto the holiday season...

Ophelia revived as a Drow Bard
Beast Boy! Did you know he was a child actor in the comic books?
Olyviah the cleric
Virge - evil seduction and harem clothes!
Zaionczyk - my NECROMANCER! With her are: Gnome-skull, Snaggletooth and Charlie the demon

October, 2004

Yaaay! This is the month I got Married!

Super-hero Cosply by my 2 favorite RPG characters to draw, Raquel and Ophelia
Pokemon - Suechan is a member of Team Rocket with her EVIL Eevie
Pokemon Trainers - Jeffy, Kitty H and little Jeremy
Jamie Madrox - Halloween contest entry
Mad Monster - Sci Fi / X-men contest entry
Angsty Todd + Scissors= Fan Art from a Fan Fic (It's a bit disturbing...)

September, 2004

The Centaur of Rohan
T-F-O-S Titans! Let's GO!
Vivi - a commissioned FF character
Sion - another commissioned FF character

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