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Welcome welcome to my little corner office on the internet! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Suechan! I used to live in the not-so-famous town of North Reading, Massachusetts - (Class of '94 - marching band geek. Go Hornets!), but some of you may also know me from Marist College (class of '98! - AV and band Geek. Go Red Foxes!) in Poughkeepsie, New York. Maybe you met me online, at a convention, or in Jury Duty (I have served on 2 juries in 2 states). Then again, some of you may not know me at all....yet! Even if you don't know me at all, feel free to look through my drawings, my photos, and my other links! We may even have something in common!

Howdy, visitor!

Turns out I'm not great at keeping up with my website, but the domain keeps getting passed to different services and it's always something new to learn. 

I've mostly loaded art on facebook or DeviantArt or just not uploaded it.  I'm still drawing and creating.  I've uploaded my 2021-2024 art finally

I've also updated my broken, outdated charity links and fun links and stuff like that, so hopefully this place is a little more fresh to navigate.

As always, anyone is welcome to email me or find me on facebook or Discord and we can chat and socialize and all that good stuff. Thanks for stopping by!

Someone to talk to who will really listen.
Also, you can be one of the listeners!

Sometimes, a simple life lesson or suggestion
could help you get back on the path
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Tiny Buddha is here for you.

Most charity donations happen over the Holiday season from Thanksgiving through New Years, but help is needed all year round. Please click on the spinning globe to see how you can help.

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You're still welcome to use it privately! Just make sure to give me credit for it if I did it! ^_~ Thanks!