Sue & Kevin's wedding photos

October 2, 2004
Hammond Castle, Gloucester, MA

Professional Photographs will be available for online viewing starting:
October 23, 2004
You can visit them at
(Email me for the Password...though I'll probably end up posting them here on my site anyway)
Here are photos taken with the cameras on each table:

King James and Queen Elaine

Michael Stannet, master of Ceremonies and Mead!

Michael & Andrea

Bryan & Gloria

Our TINY wedding cake...of Ice Cream!!!

The Reelies

Mrs. Mewhiney & Mrs. Goodwin

"Can I hear a HUZZA?!"

Lady Ashley and Lady Susan

Scott & John

The shiney, shiney groom

Kate & Elisabeth

JD & Davy

Artemis & Tad

Jeff & Heather

Pete & Jean

Bill & Kristy

James & Jen

Joe & Chelsey

Paul & Kate

Jester Joanne and Sir Earl...or maybe he's Duke Earl...Earl Earl?

Madaleine, Kyle and Danyelle

Bob & Erica

Bob & Wanda

George & Dana

Chris the Monk

Captain Crandall

Steve & Jen

Queen Mum Edith and Queen Elaine

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