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October, 2005

Miharu's Family (at least in part...)
Grandkids - a caricature for a guy I work with
Thomas the psionic from Wyrm World
Displacer Beast Kitten (this was in my head for EVER!)

November, 2005

Wyrm World NY player characters
Miharu in her chainmaille with her arm tattoo
Dancing elf bard
Three commissioned characters
Deomons commissioned to go with a story (I dont' have a link)
Me (Silly sketch)
Gargoyle & Pixie RPG characters
Commissioned Dragon girl
Some pictures for a man in Mexico who is using them to raise charity money:
+ soccer kitty + mermaid in a bubble + fairy girl
X-men Magic trick
Jean not-so-Gray
Miharu in a pretty dress
Random girl
Role-playing group

December, 2005

Some more Icons! HUZZA! Unicorn Sketch
Rowan, Trajan & Rael
Mekania Mashin
Polynegra & Shivalia Ri
Wyrm World group picture (to be colored soon)
Fairy guy - Character design by Alaster
Darnel Super-Starkeeper & Groupies
Drunken Tomte Glögg (lables for the glögg my family makes)

January, 2006

Some of these are old, but new to the site
Demon perched on a Gargoyle
Loki, the Nymph
Blue Eyes
Green Eyes
Craig Bayfield
Craig & Trishie
Vortex, the cute pink blob

February, 2006

Tiffany Designed by Alaster
Fay Fairy designed by Mike
TeraS's Avatar
TeraS again (More Artsy)
More TeraS
Trajan & Rael
Skörg & his many moods

March, 2006

Magical Girl Commission
Rogue soaks up the blue
Wonderland - Trajan, Rael, Rowan, Tery & Suechan
White Dragon Girl
Mek with funky wings
Sahugain (fish guy) on the piano
Elvish Psionics
Leiko Cosplay
Shark with a Fedora
.... and the Bowling Ball with the Sombrero (for Vortex) ^_^

April, 2006

No commissions yet...
Jaguar Heather
HeatherKat & JereMonkey
Super Suechan
Amanda kitty
Harley & Ivy
Teryaki Skunk
Tery Skunk again

May, 2006

Lucinda & Toad
Genie Mercury
Suechan Tiger
Admiral (c) Siege
Laddie(c) Siege
Lalita & Aurora- RPG changelings
I Dream of Centaurs
No Evil
Knight Guy

June, 2006

Zak (I forget the character's full name)
Keaira deisgned by Alaster
Euphrates the Tigress ^_^
Iris's tattoo
Deste & Shoie
Demoness Workout
Dragon guy & Catgirl
Psychic Snuggle

July, 2006

Gift Commission from Craig
Gift Commission from MaverickFrog
Bishie Cat Boi
Yellow Book Girlies
More tennis
Steve & Rowan for his LiveJournal
Steve & Rowan(again)
Maid Kitty

August, 2006

Hindu Centaur
Belly Dancing Centaur
Maid Kitty (more refined)
Mystique (mostly drawn for the pose)
Psychic Goblin (character idea)
Ophelia my favorite Drow
Luke & Dorian my favorite bishies

September, 2006

Mt. Zogon / Zogonia Fan art!
Melanie from City of Villains
Pseuchan and Despoiler
Rowan's Sister
Rin - Character design (c) Jenny Murphy
Sam Cooke & Patsy Cline for Trish *
5-ish year old art
12-ish year old art
12-ish year old art

October, 2006

Ryan & His fiancee
Suechan Queen Chess Piece
Dragon King Chess Piece
Suechan & Trajan messing around with Gender Roles again
Centaur Festival Race
Cavalry Centaur!
RPG couple
Sailor Mercury in a Genie Bottle
Danny Phantom Style me!
Futurama Style me!

Wow... that fills up another years worth of pics!
Time to start a new page for November 06-07!
Time does fly, doesn't it?

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