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November 2006 - November 2007

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November & December, 2006

It's all been a blur to me in these past months...

Kurumi (c) NekoEwen
Kurumi & Kuromi
Kurumi & Bunny Christmas
Goth Kurumi
Kherael & Paebody WoW characters
Half Dragon Half Bunny
my annual Mek Christmas pic
Romantic Gingerbread
More Chief!
IDoJ Centaurs
Centaur Leftovers

January 2007

Three Story Characters by SnakrHunter
James, Allen & Tyson
Blue Dye #4
Mercy Cosplay
Ryn & her Duel Monsters
The Holy French Press (Sir Rowan and Princess Trajan)
Wedding Invitation for a co-worker
Boi Scouts*

February 2007

More ICONS!!!
Adel Leonsen
Al Roo and Geni
Hooters, Valhalla "Hello, I'm Hildegard. I'll be your valkyrie for the afterlife. Our hours are death until Ragnarok and the house special is Meade..."
Gaku from Absolute Boyfriend by Yuu Waste
Rotem Dishon
Neopets Caricature
for Kitten Girl
Valkyrie Heritage

March 2007

Furry Potion
Worship can be caotic
Snow Leopard Cavalry woman
Kankuro & his mutant counterpart
Dr. Girlfriend (Venture Brothers)
Silly pets in the family
Red Sonya
RPG noble character
Nothing like a Manatee

April 2007

More RPG characters
Alex the half-dragon (c) Nick
Morning stretches
Preening etc
Flirting (with disaster?)
Prom dress (fun for digital coloring practice!)
Adel in full armor
Strong Valet
Vanilla Returns?
Midori art trade with Malroth

May 2007

Kitty H the Pirate
Bummed dude
Sword design
Mirroanwi - Elves designed by a woman writing some RPG books that I'm helping to illustrate
Look out!
UFO Girl - based on the short story by Ewen Cluney
Alex the half-dragon CHIBI
Sarah the destructo-bunnygirl

June 2007

Almost entirely commissions
Fairy Knight
Becky & Chief: fan art of family pets
Aphrodite the Superheroine
Alternate Universes through the bathroom mirror
Wine Label
Turn the Key
Etherial Wings and a Majorette Uniform
Star Trek fan-dreams
Bunnygirl Squire doing chores
Wedding Gift
Rabbit Rooter - real company, thought they might want a logo/mascot
Shy Superheroine with a troubled past

July 2007

Here are some shirt designs for a certain little girl for her mother to iron on for her because she only wants to wear "pretty clothes" : Jury Duty! (I finally scanned it!)
My Hogwarts character (studying art to make those living paintings...)
Rita - Monster Hunter (C) Ewen Cluney (...and his art trade with me)
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog (guess who was my lazy dog model ^_~?)
Centaur Paladin of Tyr

August 2007

Kitty H & Family with their PokieMans ^_~
The Red Shoes based on the Hans Christian Andersen Story
Genies for a CafePress design
Tattoo Design (photos will follow!)
Tigra + gamma radiation
Halfling adventurers
Phorm Fox
Hindu Tigress Dancer
Blue Oyster Cult inspired me! I even used a little photoshop!!!

September 2007

Pirates - characters from a story by Anlette
Shikon Jewel
DQC cat border
So much armor
Goblin Attack
Thunder Cats Gender switch
Gina (Godzilla Girl)
(c)Twisted Kaiju Theater

October 2007

Belly Dancers
Grallow Monster
More furries

November 2007

Romantic Vampires
Twilek Belly Dancer

And honestly... there's no more for this month!
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