Sue & Kevin's Wedding

The Goodwin-Mewhiney Wedding of 2004

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Everyone Gathered at Hammond Castle on Saturday, October 2nd 2004 for the wedding. After 8 years of dating, it was finally the day! Michael Stannet presided over the ceremony, calling forth tools of the ceremony carried by various groomsmen. Our hands were fasted and we pledged our love with the grace and protection of a sword.

So many guests came in costumes, while others came semi-formal or casual. I'll be looking forward to posting pictures of everyone once they're developed. My parents dressed as a King and Queen and Kevin wore a full suit of armor (no helmet though). Cornucopias of fall flowers adorned the tables and the drawbridge, and the Reelies performed - they are musicians who we found at the NY Rennaisance faire.

Vinwood Caterers fed our guests and provided an open bar. The quality of the food and the nice attitudes were so welcome and above and beyond, I have to recommend them to anyone looking for a caterer in MA. We had a buffet, as well as a big dessert buffet!

That weekend was also my Sister's Birthday! A cake was brought out and the musicians played a rennaisance rendition of Happy Birthday for her, my sister-in-law Elisabeth and my Mother Elaine.


For those of you we inspired one way or another, please help yourselves to these links! Most of our wedding was planned and researched on the internet - we bought many of our props and costumes online, even the ceremony was found off of other handfasting websites. Never underestimate the power of

Bridal Showers

On July 13 & 17 I had 2 (yes, 2) bridal showers! I had a surprise one from my future mother-in-law and the other was up in MA held by my family. My sister is the maid of honor and she did a wonderful job setting everything up and getting everyone together. Two parties, two cakes and SO MANY nice gifts! I am so honored everyone took so much time and careful thought to get us what we really need. I can't think of a single gift that we won't be using. To add to the courtesy, neither party had me open up any lingerie ^_^ THANK YOU!!!
I had so much fun and it was that week that it really felt real. That's when the reality of it sunk in...I'm going to be Kevin's wife! EEE! (that's a good EEE, not a panicky EEEE)...

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